Monday, December 7, 2009

Gobble Gobble Mother Fucker


Thats right....

Your seeing correctly……

Its a horror movie about a killer turkey……

And yeah, in case you were wondering…… It talks….

….and uses a hatchet to kill its victims.

I'm gonna be bold…… I'm gonna take a chance……I want to say this is the GREATEST horror film to ever be made about the Thanksgiving holiday. And other than the faux "Grindhouse" trailer for Eli Roth's "Thanksgiving" (which i hear is actually happening), "Thankskilling" is THE ONLY horror movie about Thanksgiving in existence.

And BOOOYYY what a movie it is. Lets start by saying the budget is nonexistent. The acting is BEYOND horrible and the whole movie feels like it was just a fun weekend project by a bunch of college kids. And it TOTALLY WORKS. Everything you want in a horror film is here. Gore? check. Cheesy one-liners? check. Turkey sex? check……… Wait what??…….. Thats right kiddies this turkey fucks people in more ways than one. FOUR WORDS…… "Turkey Gravy Flavored Condom"

I didn't really have to high expectations for this one, but it delivered more than i could have imagined. This one will DEFINITELY be added to the annual Thanksgiving activities.

The website is literally stuffed with production photos and other good giblets (i know, i couldnt help myslef). And get this….. the movie is "open-source". The creators are inviting you use there movie to make your own turkey day massacre. Just download a digital copy and all you at home directors out there can make your own masterpiece. Theres even a contest for best edit. If I had the time, I'd be ALL OVER THIS.

Stop reading this and go watch it now. Its available on Netflix for instant download for those blessed with the service. (if you love cheesy horror Netflix is a must, TONS of titles for instant download).

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