Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy 2009th birthday Jesus!

Since we're not bombarded with enough constant reminders that Christmas is now 2 weeks away, I figured I'd get into the spirit a little with some images of none other than our Lord and Savior. Inspired by something I saw the other day that read "put the CHRIST back in CHRISTMAS" here He is at his finest.

Jesus and Drugs

Sometimes even Jesus can't just say no.

Damn good excuse Jesus.

Jesus Fail Moments

Well, this is actually a Walmart Fail moment, but still priceless.

Not exactly sure what kind of "friend" this makes Jesus, but he has a cute little lamb so he's probably legit.

Watch out kids!

Turn him on or off, whichever you please.

This one really has more of an Easter theme, but damnit it's just so.... accurate.

Miscellaneous Jesus

I think he'd probably be the cop. 

Pretty cool party trick you got there JC.

Lastly, a little old school LOL Jesus humor.... and fittingly it seems I've got a one way ticket there myself.

Happy Holydays.

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